Robert, an 80-year-old bitcoin investor from Singapore who goes by only his first name, went on a vacation in Australia. Not quite newsworthy so far, but there’s a catch: the Singaporean was unwavering in his decision to leave all cash and credit cards behind and pay for his entire vacation with cryptocurrency, and cryptocurrency only.

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Robert, who claims to be a veteran bitcoin investor and hodler, picked Brisbane as his Australian vacation destination.

Not only did he manage to rise to the self-imposed challenge and book his entire stay in Brisbane exclusively using cryptocurrency — he was impressed at how easy and smooth it all proved to be.

Flights, airport transfers, hotel, meals, entertainment, rides around the city – you name it, all paid for with bitcoin and, whenever possible, other cryptocurrencies.

Brisbane was not an accidental choice for Robert’s cryptocurrency-only vacation. Dubbed “Australia’s new world city”, Brisbane is embedded in the technology sector and has increasingly become known as a tech hub and startup paradise.

Earlier this month, Brisbane Airport has become the first aviation hub in the world to incorporate cryptocurrency payments within the terminal shopping areas.

“Many people around the world have made money investing in cryptocurrencies, and a lot of these people travel internationally. So it makes sense to offer a digital currency experience within our terminals,” Roel Hellemons, the airport’s General Manager of Strategic Planning and Development, said.
“This is just the beginning for us, as we hope to expand the digital currency option across the business.”


Travelers can use bitcoin — as well as a selection of other cryptocurrencies, including dash, steem, litecoin, and ether — to shop and dine at various stores and restaurants across both of Brisbane’s air terminals.

Robert’s first crypto purchase on Australian soil was made precisely at the Brisbane Airport. He bought coffee using dash.

singaporean bitcoin investor
Robert, during a Brisbane tour with a bitcoin-accepting local transport company – Image source: Travelbybit

According to Travelbybit — a local startup developing “travel routes” that list Brisbane places and experiences that can be paid for using cryptocurrencies — the city has a variety of crypto-accepting merchants, including hotels, restaurants, coffeehouses, bars and nightclubs, retail stores, transport providers, car dealerships, barber shops, real estate agencies, and art galleries.

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