Cryptocurrency related jobs showed an 82% rise in the third quarter – Image source: airpix

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Cryptocurrency related jobs saw an 82 percent growth in the third quarter, the biggest increase among all fields, according to new data from online employment marketplace Freelancer.

With an 82 percent growth in the third quarter, the cryptocurrency related jobs sector continues to soar, according to top trends in job listings on the platform.

“People are getting freelancers to design new types of cryptocurrencies,” Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie told CNBC.

Companies are looking for people to develop new cryptocurrencies, manage an initial coin offering and come up with proposal plans for technologies employing blockchain. Blockchain platform developers, data scientists, software and security engineers are also much in demand.

The cryptography field has also seen a 59 percent jump in job listings, according to Freelancer.

A report released by Angel List last month pointed to a 100% rise in cryptocurrency related job listings.

According to the report, candidates for cryptocurrency related jobs are being offered 10-20 percent higher salaries than those provided by non-crypto jobs. Furthermore, cryptocurrency startups are 22% more likely to offer remote positions.

“The price run-up of Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2017 is attracting more people into the space for the first time, and the level of interest from the investor community is also at a record high. […] The large sums of money going into the cryptocurrency space, from ICOs, to VC financings, and the price appreciation of Bitcoin and Ethereum, has led to a hiring boom at cryptocurrency startups. Small teams are finding themselves capitalized in a way that we’ve never seen before at such an early stage of the company’s lifecycle, and the cash needs to be spent (responsibly) somehow. One way they’re doing that, is hiring,” the Angel List report reads.

The total market value of all cryptocurrencies has exceeded $178 billion, a more than tenfold increase over 12 months. Bitcoin accounts for more than half the total value. BTC has recently hit an all-time high of $6,306, having climbed from less than $1,000 on January 1st – more than 500% rise on the year.

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