Ethereum funded movie to hold world premiere in Hollywood – Image Source: Carnival Cinema

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The world’s first ethereum funded movie, “The Pitts Circus”, will make its debut in Hollywood at the Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival, November 14. Financing for the international production was completed earlier this year through the Ethereum Movie Venture token sale.

A post-truth mockumentary, “The Pitts Circus” tells the story of an Australian circus family that gets into trouble over a hardware wallet belonging to an aristocratic family. The movie follows the Pitts’ lives on the road in a world where blockchain technology has a substantial impact on day-to-day existence.

World’s first ethereum funded movie, “The Pitts Circus” was financed entirely through a three-phase ICO/ITO – essentially a presale of ethereum certified tickets, handled by the Ethereum Movie Venture, a blockchain based movie platform.

“Originally, we were a bunch of circus-freaks and cryptopunks who wanted to tell the amazing story of this unique circus family. We were absolutely blown away by the success of our independent movie that is so not Hollywood,” producer Toni Caradonna said.

“With the advent of ethereum, we felt this is a game-changer. We believe that blockchain technology will have the same impact on society the Internet did. For the first time in history, humans are delegating trust away from institutions and other people to machines and processes. Like every disruptive innovation in technology, it can be both good and bad. In our case, it empowered us and our community to create a piece of art that does not follow the mainstream. […] The fact that ethereum has made [The Pitts Circus] possible and gave art the voice we think it deserves is a good thing. This movie is the proof that blockchains like ethereum actually do have a real world impact that is way above the boring trading business,” Caradonna added.

“The Pitts Circus” will be screened at Laemmle’s in North Hollywood, on November 14. Early-bird tickets are available at

Ethereum Movie Venture plans to further fund at least one movie per year. A vote to determine the next project that will receive financing is currently underway. The blockchain based movie platform has set out to expand the ecosystem by launching a special token that can grant access to movie theaters.

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